Quick Answer: What Is GREY Data?

What is GREY literature in research?

The term grey literature refers to research that is either unpublished or has been published in non-commercial form.

Examples of grey literature include: government reports.

policy statements and issues papers..

Is GREY literature reliable?

Grey literature usually has not been peer reviewed, but may still be good, reliable information. It can thus be invaluable for your research. It is produced from a variety of sources, and is usually not indexed or organised, often making it difficult to locate.

Where can I find gray literature?

Search for gray literatureFind registered trials using ClinicalTrials.gov and WHO’s International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP)Find dissertations using the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD) and Dissertations and Theses Global.Find conference proceedings using Embase and Scopus.More items…

How do you review GREY literature?

Grey literature is research published outside of commercial or academic publishing….Evaluating grey literatureConsider the author, their affiliations and qualifications.Check reference lists to see who and what other material has been taken into account.Any data collection methods and analysis should be transparent.More items…•

Who produces GREY literature?

In other words, the work is not tied to or controlled by commercial publishers (like the companies that publish your textbooks), who seek profit on the research or information produced. Grey literature is self-published and typically comes from: Government agencies.

Are magazines GREY literature?

Examples could be trade publications, government reports, survey results from a polling company or technical reports. These documents are all considered “grey literature.” The term grey literature comes from the uncertainty of the status of this information.

Is PubMed GREY literature?

However, published journal articles are not the only source for finding clinical trial results. The “grey literature,” materials not published commercially or indexed by major databases such as PubMed, can also be searched.

Are websites GREY literature?

Grey literature databases often have fewer bibliographic fields to search in than published literature databases, e.g. may not have abstract or index term fields. … Grey literature resources (e.g. databases, websites, catalogues) often lack advanced search features.

What are GREY materials?

Grey literature (or gray literature) is materials and research produced by organizations outside of the traditional commercial or academic publishing and distribution channels.

Are newspapers GREY literature?

Grey literature is information that has not been published via traditional academic publishing practices. Examples of grey literature might include newspaper articles, government or council documents, conference papers, policy statements, speeches, essays and many other formats.

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What is GREY and white literature?

The ‘black and white’ literature that you get when searching most databases is produced by commercial publishers. In contrast, grey literature is produced by entities whose main task is NOT publishing.

Is GREY literature scholarly?

For that reason, grey literature can be more current than literature in scholarly journals. However, because grey literature (usually) does not go through a peer review process, the quality can vary a great deal. Be sure to critically evaluate your source.

Are dissertations GREY literature?

It includes theses and dissertations, conference papers and proceedings, research reports, government documents, technical notes and specifications, proposals, data compilations, clinical trials, etc. … Grey literature is essentially any document that has not gone through peer review for publication.

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