How to Teach Your Child to Dream

February 6, 2013
by piedfam

How to Teach Your Child to Dream
By Rev. Christina Ammerman

 When I see moms as clients in my spiritual healing practice, our conversations inevitably turn to their kids. Not just the joys of motherhood but the frustrations and fears as well.

Part of my gift as an ordained interfaith minister is to peel back the layers and understand what’s happening. My clients are women with careers, dreams, and goals that they set aside when their children were born. Moms who agreed to put careers and dreams on hold to take care of their family. It’s a beautiful sacrifice with a heartfelt intention to do what’s right.

When I later ask my clients about their goals and intentions, they speak only about their kids; their dreams never get any attention – if those dreams still exist.

What I see lingering below the surface is, “I’ll take care of myself once the kids are all set.”

The best way to make sure a child is “all set” is to pick up lost ambitions. Nurturing a child’s dreams doesn’t simply mean encouraging theirs; it also means demonstrating what a person looks and acts like when she’s fulfilling her own.

Until age seven, before the brain is developed enough to analyze and understand things, a child learns by copying the primary adults in his life. He mirrors your actions and words, but also what you like and dislike. However you treat yourself, that’s how he treats himself. However you feel, he feels.

If you encourage his dreams but ignore your own, he notices the inconsistency. If ignoring your dreams leads to frustration, anger or resentment, he notices that too.

Use this as inspiration to move forward in a new way. What kind of role model do you want to be for your children? Be your child’s example of someone who passionately pursues her heart’s desires. Show your children through example that it is possible to pursue personal fulfillment without neglecting relationships with family and loved ones. It’s never too early – or too late – to start demonstrating to a child the value of having a well-rounded life full of passion and dreams.

So, what are your dreams?

Rev. Christina Ammerman is an ordained interfaith minister and spiritual healer at Zenquility. She helps smart, sensitive women to overcome their overwhelm from the inside out, using energy healing techniques and intuitive wisdom. To learn more, visit

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